Choice Based Lettings (CBL)

The way it should be – at the price it should be

Built with the end user in mind, our Choice Based Lettings software offers the power of choice, transparency and control for housing applicants. With over 100 modules available, the system is the most feature-rich on the market. And it is in continual innovation to be a faster, fairer, more cost-effective system that puts housing applicants at the centre of the application process.

Bespoke software: customisable to fulfill your needs!

Our Choice-Based Lettings software incorporates ideas and requests from our CBL user community to become a powerful suite with a range of modules and add-ons. This means you do not need to compromise in requirement: we will work together with you to create a bespoke system that matches your demands!

  • Multi tenure advertising – social, shared ownership, affordable rent and private letsscreenshots of different property search portals
  • Extensive search and mapping facilities
  • Greater control of system set-up and workflow processes
  • Automated & instant communications to customers – a ‘just in time’ service
  • Landlord control over bidding – to limit excessive and wasteful bidding
  • Smart restrictions and automated bids
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Five channels for delivery: Web, Text, Smartphone App, Autobid, Proxybid
  • Built-in Housing Options technology
  • Home seekers can highlight their ‘favourite bid’
  • Fully accessible (Text only, access keys, colour contrasts, multilingual, W3C CSS driven web portals)
  • Virtual tours integration is available
  • Customer portal created with responsive design and cutting-edge technology


Intelligent automation to make allocations easier

Our intelligent autobid module goes beyond triggering notifications. This module automatically places bids on behalf of the applicant based on criteria previously set up. This ensures that vulnerable clients or those who require help to bid never miss a bidding cycle! You can also configure automated communications & alerts through our communications module.

Intuitive property dashboard

The property dashboard on our Choice-Based Lettings software provides housing staff a snapshot summary of all properties in the system and their current status. Automated processes guarantee that the overview is updated in real-time, helping the housing manager or officer pin-point the property journey at any point in time, with just one click.

In-depth reporting and full audit options

This Choice-Based Lettings software audits every action in the system, broken down into a range of reports that can be filtered & exported. From all the activities from the advanced communications module, properties data upload to viewing all housing offers made! You can also create customisable reports across all areas of the system to extract rich information about allocations and bidding.

Why choose us:

One step ahead: innovation at its core

Innovation has always been Home Connections' main driver when delivering solutions to the housing sector. Since the first bid was placed through our Choice-Based Lettings software in 2001, nearly 30 million bids have been processed through this intuitive allocations system. Our CBL empowers housing staff to achieve more and help more people by providing a range of innovative integrations such as virtual tours, e-signatures & integration with Voice Assistants such as Siri and Alexa!

responsive design across different screens

  • Competitive prices with a guaranteed financial returns
  • Forward-thinking approach saved millions in pointless paper advertising for our partners
  • Constant innovation generously shared across the user community
  • The speed of delivery is at the convenience of the customer, not the IT company
  • A company owned and driven by its customers
  • System refreshed to include policies driven by ‘Fair and Flexible’ and the Localism Act
  • Tangible returns on your investments in software because of our non-profit status
  • Use of the Home Connections ‘Cloud’ delivers a fully hosted service with quick implementation
  • Used by leading local authorities and registered providers
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