Choice Based Lettings (CBL)

Sat, 03/10/2018 - 14:26

The way it should be – at the price it should be

We offer the most feature-rich Choice Based Lettings (CBL) solution on the market. It offers great flexibility and configurability to housing officers. As a non-profit software company, we can offer very competitive prices with a guarantee that your investments bring you financial returns. Available for direct purchase through G-cloud 11 

We can offer rapid deployment and migration from your existing provider.



  • Multi tenure advertising – social, shared ownership, affordable rent and private lets

  • Extensive search and mapping facilities

  • Fully automated with instant communications to customers – a ‘just in time’ service

  • Built-in Housing Options technology

  • Themed to match your corporate brand guidelines

  • Five channels for delivery: Web, Text, Smartphone App, Autobid, Proxybid

  • Home seekers can highlight their ‘favourite bid’

  • Landlord control over bidding – to limit excessive and wasteful bidding

  • Fully accessible (Text only, access keys, colour contrasts, multilingual, W3C CSS driven web portals)

  • Talking property adverts’ via the phone service

Constant evolution – our system continues to evolve through investment of retained profit and ceaseless innovation. Through partnering with our clients we can provide effective and efficient solutions. And, when it comes to enhancing your CBL with our suite of *plug-ins, then we believe we can’t be beaten on the time we can add to your site – usually within three weeks.

Why choose us:

  • Forward-thinking approach saved millions in pointless paper advertising for our partners

  • Constant innovation generously shared across the user community

  • The speed of delivery is at the convenience of the customer, not the IT company

  • A company owned and driven by its customers

  • System refreshed to include policies driven by ‘Fair and Flexible’ and the Localism Act

  • Tangible returns on your investments in software because of our non-profit status

  • Use of the Home Connections ‘Cloud’ delivers a fully hosted service with quick implementation

  • Used by leading local authorities and registered providers

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