Accessible Now

Connect disabled people with homes that are truly accessible

Help disabled home seekers access social housing that truly matches their needs through Accessible Now, part of Homefinder UK.

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Designed by professionals and wheelchair users

Developed in partnership Habinteg Housing Association , and with input from a panel of specialists and wheelchair users, Accessible Now aims to increase social housing mobility for those in need of wheelchair properties.

Match your wheelchair properties to the right people - Man in wheel chair
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Match your wheelchair properties to the right people

Don’t let your wheelchair property go to an unsuitable household. Accessible Now will promote and match your wheelchair property for those that meet your criteria.

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Enrich your wheelchair accessible property descriptions

Trailblaze our unique property checklist and improve the quality of information you hold about your wheelchair accessible properties.


Streamline wheelchair property categorisation

Accessible Now new digital form automatically categorise your property following the National Register of Social Housing (NROSH) framework.

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Inform future development

Join Accessible Now to provide feedback about changing issues in the group to inform learning and development.

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We adapt to your needs, not the other way around

Our systems and solutions are tailored to your requirements and business processes. We offer flexibility other IT suppliers can’t.

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