We design and build

software for change

CBL, options, registration and changes
we’ve got it covered

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We design and build[ software for change]

Mobility & Choice

in Social Housing

Mutual exchange, under-occupation
and employment to drive regional mobility

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Mobility & Choice [in Social Housing]

Rethinking lettings?

applying Lean Systems

Systems thinking in Social Housing

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Rethinking lettings? [applying Lean Systems]

Channel Shift

to digital and lower cost

We design and host online services
that improve customer service delivery

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Channel Shift [to digital and lower cost]
Ealing Case Study(275kb) Think Housing Research Report (1.73 mb) Homefinder Landlord Brochure (5.37 mb)
Homefinder Tenant Leaflet (1.99 mb) CIH New Approaches to Allocations (4 mb) AHR and Housing Options (970 kb)
New Approaches to Allocations (1.21 mb) Jobs and Volunteering (1.05 mb) Lean System – systems thinking In Allocations (306 kb)

Worklessness – A toolkit for
tackling (306 kb)

Registrations – a full suite of software
for housing (331 kb)
Upgrade Your CBL – to the complete package (306 kb)
Housing Options Solutions-Do more, for less (306 kb)
CBL App Home Connect – Bid anytime, anyplace, on the move (157 kb)


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