Women in Tech: a much-needed business shift!


A research published in 2017 by PWC UK says 78% of UK students can’t name a famous female working in tech and just 23% of the people working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) across the UK are female.

At Home Connections, we are different. Nearly 50% of our staff cadre is female, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and age ranges. Would like to join our fantastic team? Contact us!

Meet the women working at Home Connections:


From top row to bottom:

  • Marina Boshnakova, Products Owner

  • Mimi Atkins, Marketing & Customer Care Manager

  • Kam Basra, Operations Director 

  • Brenda Fraser, Homefinder UK & Revive Manager

  • Victoria Shaw, Customer Relationship Manager (Homefinder UK)

  • Rachel McKay, Project Manager

  • Ngan Luong, Finance Manager

  • Alison Heath, Project Manager 

  • Kayla Baxter, Project Support Officer

  • Livia Moura, Marketing Officer

  • Nicola De Silva, Case Manager

  • Amne Lubani, Case Manager

  • Jeyda Ramadan, Trainee Case Manager

  • Victoria Lockwood, PA to the CEO