Rachel Parkin, West Lindsey District Council

The implementation of HOPE was smooth and effective and brought the team some significant benefits, in particular the ease and speed at which PHP’s can be produced. The Housing Options Team like the case notes and documents being captured in one place for ease of reference. The team dashboard is an efficient tool in providing the Team Leaders with an instant overview of the casework across the team. We know we are able to rely on the software to deliver the data for these returns and that offers a vastly improved efficiency for us.

Karen McGreal, Arun District Council

We are really excited to be working with Home Connections to deliver their new Homelessness Reduction Act software - HOPE. Home Connections offered us the right mix of flexibility and cost. HOPE software went live in September, allowing us plenty of time to prepare for successful implementation of the HRAct in April 2018. I have been impressed with the implementation process.

Steve Nash, Oadby & Wigston Council

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"HOPE is easy to use, efficient and reliable"

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The Choice Based Lettings solution puts people who are looking for a home in the driving seat, giving them choice, control, accessibility and transparency in the process. Loreburn Housing Association is really excited to be working with Home Connections.

Amanda Yellowley, Loreburn Housing Association

The team are thrilled with the look of the website - our partner housing associations have told us it looks modern and fresh. We love the mobile app and have been in our reception area getting as many housing applicants into this as we can. It is so instant and so responsive. We have immediately decided to upgrade to the latest version with the messaging facility.

Kirsty Jenkins, Croydon Council

On the Choice Based lettings scheme, the eligible households are able to actively pursue their housing choice by expressing interest in advertised properties. This process puts the households in the driving seat and highest priority households are shortlisted and able to view the property of their choice. The results are published to ensure the process is transparent and accountable; ultimately giving people more say about where they want to live.

Mark Meehan, Croydon Council

If I was a front-line officer, reviews officer or manager the thing that I would want from an IT system is for it to do almost everything for me! I would expect the system to guide me step by step through the requirements of the legislation, forcing me to cover all aspect of the legislation and helping me to ask the right questions and make the right enquiries to make a legally sound decision. I have found such a system in HOPE, the Homelessness Reduction Act software service delivered by Home Connections and Homefinder UK.

Minos Perdios, Director of Housing Reviews LTD

Implementing the system developments with service users has been easy. Users can now understand why they are not successful much more easily than previously – it really is like a CBL version 2! Home Connections has staff with a lot of experience and understanding of Local Authority Housing and this shows in the way they are able to tailor and install software to the requirements of Local Authorities. The Home Connections team is a pleasure to work with.

Karen Lucas, Islington Council

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