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The death of the dashboard

A few years ago I was talking about the 'death of the report'. Now I wonder if the 'death of the…

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HOPE for the future - Improving homelessness decisions through integrated HRA system

It is not an easy task to keep up with the ever-changing rules (around eviction procedures,…

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Annual Conference Speaker, Brenda Fraser

Preventing homelessness for domestic survivors during and after COVID-19

  2020 was a hugely challenging year. We were told to stay at home, but home was not a safe place…

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Annual Conference Speaker, Greg Campbell

It's time to join forces to recover (and thrive) after the crisis 

  It doesn’t get any easier in the housing sector, does it? Along with health, housing has long…

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Annual Conference Speaker, Steve Harriott

Improving access to the private rented sector for low-income households

  Since I joined The Dispute Service (TDS) 11 years ago, I have increasingly witnessed homeless…

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