Moving on: The reasons and outcomes | White paper

A report into the outcomes of homeless households who voluntarily relocated into social housing across the UK


The survey’s findings undermine some of the negative assumptions about moving out-of-area and shows how, in certain cases, relocating long distance is a valid route to a better and more stable life.

This unique white paper provides results from a survey of 690 homeless households who decided to move out of their area into permanent social housing through our national mobility scheme, Homefinder UK. The applicants’ journey is examined closely, from time spent waiting for council housing prior to using the Homefinder UK service, to satisfaction rates after moving long distance for a social home.


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  • Are social housing applicants prepared to move out of their area?
  • How does length of stay in Temporary Accommodation affect decision to move out-of-area?
  • Most common reasons for considering moving out-of-area including demographics and background
  • The most and least popular areas to move to by Homefinder UK’s applicants
  • How do the applicants settle in their new area and what kind of life changes do they experience?
  • Most quoted benefits of moving out-of-area into permanent social housing
  • The time it took for applicants to be rehoused once they decided to move out of their area


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