Innovations to deliver services during COVID-19

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 08:44

COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented upheaval to our doorsteps. Organisations were forced to rethink their structures, culture and business models almost overnight. We had to do the same, amid concerns related to pandemic, all our staff switched to remote working. We rearranged meetings to be held virtually and continue to review contingency planning on a regular basis to ensure all systems are delivered without disruption. 

Investment in new technologies, a change in mindsets and collaborative working will be key to overcoming the challenges ahead. 

Launching new products

Over this period, we have been busy looking at different integrations to enhance our systems and allow for ease of distance working during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. We are excited to introduce three of our brand new products.: 

Our new e-learning platform allows you to build your own training courses on whichever subject you like. Create dedicated training courses for tenancy management in the PRS, for example, or to provide other types of information to your end customers. Use this interactive system to teach and test your customers about your housing policies, homelessness requirements, types of tenancies and anything else you like! Read more here

Virtual tours 
To facilitate viewings of properties and make the process of signing up for tenancies easier, our CBL system now offers virtual tours. This functionality offers a more democratic and less expensive way to visualise a property that is not limited by travel restrictions or social distancing measures. You can check more about Virtual Tours here.

Voice Assist
We are now able to integrate our Choice Based Lettings with Digital Assistants such as Alexa and Siri. With this integration, your customers will be able to view, bid for properties and much more. We are also looking at integrating with our HOPE and Housing Register systems to help applicants fill in the housing advice or homelessness forms via Alexa-type devices. Read more here.

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Other new available add-ons:

Simplify and speed up the process of getting applicants’ tenancies signed and ultimately housed by implementing digital signatures. The e-signatures would allow applicants to sign their tenancy agreements, and potentially other documentation and forms, from their own home. It will help to reduce paper waste and securely store the signed agreements online. 

Instant messaging 
Keep communications up-to-date with your applicants through Unity's instant messaging portal. Available 24/7, this portal allows applicants to message the housing officers, who can respond & maintain conversations almost real-time. We can also implement a webchat to aid the communication between CBL/HOPE end users and staff members. This will allow your customers to engage with their housing officer instantly, reducing delays in response and work more effectively. The service can also be upgraded to include voice or video calls.

PRS tracker (hope property manager)
This brand new hope functionality will help you to keep track of Private Rented Sector placements, landlords and costs across a range of different property types. This functionality works from the enhanced Temporary Accommodation module (although you don’t need to use the TA functions) and lets you view PRS landlords, properties, make allocations, set a date for future end of tenancy and run reports that can indicate potential demand and enable action prevention.

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