How have social housing providers adapted to Covid-19?

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Since 2010, the number of people sleeping on the streets has increased by 141%. Early into 2020, those working to tackle this ever-accelerating crisis, worried that a catastrophe might be ahead. They foresaw the disaster that could unfold if rough sleepers were not safely housed when COVID-19 hit the UK.

Social housing providers across the country were propelled to invest in new technologies and rapidly change their way of working. They had to protect staff and tenants from the virus, whilst continuing to provide the service they know prevents homelessness.  

Adapting to the new “normal”

In June this year, Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of the Regulator of Social Housing reflected on the results of her survey. The investigation highlighted how housing associations and local authorities were coping with the coronavirus pandemic. She concluded that:

“We are pleased that housing associations and local authorities are generally able to report continued service delivery in the areas surveyed, including some plans for recovery. Providers and their staff have adapted well to the changing circumstances and we anticipate that the flexible and agile approaches they have taken will continue as restrictions ease further”

For over seven months now, the nation has been operating in an unprecedented, highly challenging climate. Businesses are unable to do the things they always used to. And it has been organisations that place adaptability at their core that have managed to continue strengthening their services. 

Software that empowers social landlords and applicants alike  

As the challenge that social landlords face is so complex, having intelligent, intuitive and innovative software can make all the difference. 

As a passionate, non-profit company, Home Connections has been helping forward-thinking authorities reduce demand, save money and manage customer expectations for two decades. The company’s success lies in its close partnership with the housing providers it serves. With a strong commitment to continuous improvement, Home Connections has never rested on its laurels, always listening to feedback and evolving needs.  

Home Connections is now offering a variety of new IT products to help with the pressures of remote working. Those include: 

  • EazyLearn – an online e-learning tool initially delivered for Haringey Council, that can now be used for a wide variety of scenarios. To see applications of this tool, book onto this free event.

  • Virtual Tours - facilitate online viewings of properties and make the process of signing up for tenancies easier 

  • Voice Assist - Digital Assistants such as Alexa and Siri can now be integrated with our Choice Based Lettings. With this integration, your customers will be able to view, bid for properties and much more

  • PRS tracker (hope property manager) - this brand-new hope functionality will help you to keep track of Private Rented Sector placements, landlords and costs across a range of different property types

  • E-signatures - Simplify and speed up the process of getting applicants’ tenancies signed and ultimately housed by implementing digital signatures

Tailored digital transformation

Home Connections employs the best fitting technology and partners from around the globe. This ensures its social landlords enjoy fit-for-purpose products with low risk and high return on investment. The result is housing professionals who are better informed, able to communicate more effectively with applicants and freed from needless administrative work. And applicants who better understand their housing options, are kept up-to-date and ultimately empowered to secure the home of their choice. 

If you are a housing provider interested in advancing your digital transformation, Home Connections would be happy to work with your specific needs. All Home Connections products are fully customisable and offer rapid deployment and migration from your existing provider. Explore our full suite of housing solutions.  
Contact us to discuss how Home Connections can enhance your work. Free demonstrations of all products are always on offer.  

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