Housing Options Wizard

Our Housing Options Wizard is dual-purpose. It is a 24/7 self-service solution which also allows housing options and advice providers to create a tailor-made approach. Our Wizard leads to a reduction in queries and calls and fewer interviews. Where interviews take place the advice information is richer and readily available. Depending on the information entered by the customer about their circumstances the toolkit will offer a series of housing options. An options plan is created and can be saved or printed by the customer or member of staff.

housing_optionsThe impact of welfare reform and the introduction of Universal Credit may have serious impacts on people in your local area and particularly those facing a shortfall in their housing benefit and local housing allowance payments, meaning that households will have to move or make up the rent shortfall themselves. A pro-active approach with claimants in your area is essential, to prevent homelessness and mitigate the debt spiral. This toolkit is designed to utilise prevention approaches and maximise options for customers.


  • An invaluable knowledge management system for the entire department

  • A tool you can edit and use without costly charges from the IT supplier

  • Encourages customer self-service – and reduces time spent by staff

  • Better quality information that can be instantly updated by staff

  • Saves time and money on queries and calls

  • Real-time jobs integration to encourage customers to return to work


The Housing Options Wizard features: 

  • For new and existing customers, a set of clear and comprehensive automated housing options, which are relevant to their circumstances

  • A set of web-based tools to re-route those customers with little or no chance to appropriate housing options

  • A self-service solution for customers, without failure demand and recourse to customer service staff

  • Personalised action plan for use by customers

  • Reports and monitoring information via the back office to demonstrate a reduction in demand

The Housing Options Wizard is a tool you can edit and use without costly charges from the IT supplier and an invaluable knowledge management system for the entire department.



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