Homefinder UK: national mobility scheme rehoused over 500 homeless households


Our national mobility scheme, Homefinder UK, has reached a new milestone this year: over 500 homeless households found social housing across the UK through the scheme. This success was only possible because of a strong partnership maintained with the local authorities and housing associations who are members of our scheme and who are equally driven by the goal to reduce and prevent homelessness. 

"Through the scheme, which is voluntary, our aim is to reduce homelessness and offer support to applicants through Case Management to ensure the property matches the applicant’s needs. As a result, we have a tenancy failure rate of less than 1%”, says Ninesh Muthiah, our CEO. 

Check testimonials of those who have been rehoused through the scheme to know how Homefinder UK changed their lives.

Interested to know how Homefinder UK can support you to prevent and relief homelessness? Find out more here.

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Reducing homelessness, one household at the time