Home Connections builds strength in Scotland

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We are proud of our longstanding relationships with Scotland-based social housing providers, large, small and everything in between. And we are extremely pleased to have further increased our customer-base in the country during this challenging year, with latest customers to include Angus Council, Elidon Housing Association and Link Housing Association.

The housing associations and local authorities we work with all enjoy a smart allocations system that meets their unique needs. Our dedicated project management team works closely with customers from the very beginning and ensures that customers are continually supported.

Angus Council went live with their new choice-based lettings system in November, moving from a paper- based approach to a digital platform offering people more choice over where they want to live. A representative of Angus Council, Lynne Warburton, described the benefits of implementing an integrated housing suite: "It provides more transparency and a more efficient application process, increasing choice for applicants. The online process means that staff no longer have to input all our applications, reducing the time taken to process them. Also, the referral process for housing options and occupational therapy is now automatic, so referrals are picked up at the very early stages of the application process".

"We were very pleased with Home Connections' performance. The service delivery was good, and the Home Connections team was very accommodating in terms of our changes in delivery dates and requirements, as we were facing impacts from Covid-19. They were very helpful throughout the process", Lynne adds.

Similarly, we have been working in close partnership with Wheatley Group, Scotland’s leading housing provider since 2018. A smart Housing Register, powerful choice-based lettings system and refreshingly user-friendly customer website are just some of the products we provide for Wheatley Group. 

Nicola McQuinston, Housing Manager at Wheatley Group, recently shared her experiences of working with Home Connections: 

“Since moving our Housing Register and CBL system to MyHousing, delivered by Home Connections, things have run a lot smoother. We see cleaner applications from applicants which has dramatically reduced workload for staff. Also, applicants are much better informed, thanks to features such as the budget calculator which tells them what benefits they are entitled to.”

McQuinston went onto comment that, “The best thing about working with Home Connections is, if we ever need last-minute changes, the Home Connections team is always very accommodating.” 
Wheatley Group is just one of over 50 satisfied Home Connections customers which include local authorities, registered providers, social enterprises and private sector customers. 

If you are interested in advancing your digital transformation, we will be happy to accommodate your specific needs. We use the best fitting technology and partners to ensure you benefit from intelligent products with high return on investment. Get in touch today to find out how we can enhance your services. We are always happy to give a free demonstration of all our products.  

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