Fraud Detection

fraud_detectionWe have been at forefront of innovative housing software for 15 years, so it didn’t come as surprise when we decided to tackle social housing fraud by offering integration of tenancy checks at the point of application.

To achieve that, we partnered with Trans Union (Call Credit) to provide anti-fraud identification checks and tenancy fraud searches. Using an applicant’s name, date of birth and current address, the carefully tailored package will return a set of data that will flag up any suspicious activity at the very point of application.

Using our National Mobility Scheme, Homefinder UK, to develop and test the fraud checking software into application form, we are able to offer the latest innovation, which can be built into online application forms, CBL and other software, to local authorities and housing associations.

Let's us help to verify if your applicants are who they say they are through:

- Online application checks

- Checks at point of bidding

- Fraud check against entire tenant database

- Real-time checks during verification of applications



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