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Home Connections - 20 years of choice

Choice is in the heart of what we do. Since we started 20 years ago, our mission has been to put the home seeker in control, empowered by knowledge to make their own decisions when it comes to housing. Book a demo today.

"HOPE is easy to use, efficient and reliable"

Home Choices Team Manager of West Lindsey District Council, Andy Lee, talks about the invaluable efficiencies gained from using Home Connections' integrated suite of Choice Based Lettings, Housing Register and hope. Book a demo now!

Revive - Homefinder UK's new project

Revive is the newest Homefinder UK's project focused on relocating domestic abuse survivors to safer environments in the UK. It gives people hope and a chance to start a new life without fear. For more details, email

HOPE reviewed by West Lindsey

Senior Home Choices Officer from West Lindsey District Council talks about Choice Based Lettings, Housing Register and HOPE, a bundle they recently taken up from Home Connections. Book a demo now:

Islington council: over 75 moves

Homefinder UK is the only national housing scheme which helps homeless prevention and relief cases relocate to immediately available social housing. Find out how the scheme has helped Islington Council to rehouse over 75 homeless households.

Connecting services through a merger of Associations

Sean Stedman, from Meridian East discusses the merger with Broadland Housing Association in a bid to establish a closer link between housing and employment services.

Housing Employment Connections (HECS) project

Evaluation from Cambridge University

Michael Jones, from Cambridge University, evaluates Housing Employment Connections project for Home Connections. The project provides the opportunity to homeseekers using our CBL portal to also access job opportunities.

Launch of the HECS project

Home Connections launches the Housing Employment Connections project, a gateway to employment and other services for home seekers and tenants. A service rolled out to multiple boroughs, find out more.

Older projects: Building Visions

Swan Housing Association

Our older project: virtual tours which harnessed today’s cutting-edge technology to bring an immersive and information-rich experience to the user. Watch the tour of this first carbon neutral shared-ownership development in the Thames Gateway. 

Building Visions projects: Origin Housing

Aimed at providing the best product possible on the market, this virtual tour video features a unique car-free development wrapped around the Watford Football Club. 

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