BAME staff in leadership roles


According to the 2019 housing diversity survey, our sector is making progress to increase diversity, with more BAME representation than in previous years. However, there is a long way to go, especially if we consider the BAME underrepresentation on the local government sphere.

We are proud to be one of those organisations that invested in a more diverse workforce: over 50% of our current staff is from BAME background, with over 70% in senior level and leadership roles. Here are some of the benefits of promoting and recognising the talent of BAME staff: variety of different perspectives that lead to better decision making, faster problem-solving, higher employee engagement and reduced employee turnover, increased creativity and higher innovation.

How many of your staff are from BAME background? How does your organisation nurture and recognise their talents? Here is how you can identify and address the barriers to promote BAME employee career progression to the top

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