Lean Allocations Systems

Most of what we do does not create Value but is muda – Taiichi Ohno
Vice President of Manufacturing - Toyota

Lean Systems-
Systems Thinking
In Allocations (306kb)

Failure to respond to demand in a timely manner leads to waste and customer complaints. Systems thinking forms part of the new offer from Home Connections and provides tools to manage lean allocation processes, book viewings and record outcomes. The platform uses lightweight tools and technologies making it easy and rapid to implement and as it is fully web based is available 24/7. Our lean system drives sector process improvement, management of properties and innovation. Live in London Borough of Barnet for 6 months our new offer is the breakthrough service.

  • Eliminate mindless form filling
  • Identify and remove wasteful staff functions
  • Automate useless processes
  • Stop wasteful data collection
  • End the repetition of tasks

  • A process that highlights the customer journey
  • Identify the sources of value and waste
  • A system that quantifies and locates the source of demand
  • Highlight essential work flows and processes
  • Focuses on what is useful and teases out useless activities

  • Creates a new money saving simplified lettings process
  • Creates a single marketplace for customers
  • Just in time communications saves money for staff and customers
  • Self-service approach – customers can do more of the work themselves
  • Personalised Housing Options
  • Clear pathways to jobs and training


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