Regional Mobility

Home Connections has a tried and tested multi-landlord portal approach for experimenting with and delivering regional housing mobility. Two recent regional mobility schemes have broken the mould.

The Mayor of London through the Greater London Authority (GLA) commissioned Home Connections to deliver a London-wide mobility scheme to cover all 32 London boroughs, the Corporation of the City of London and all of London’s registered providers. The scheme called housingmoves offers 5% of social housing relets in London for tenants who wish to move to a different borough. Applicants are prioritised according to under occupation (downsize into a smaller property), employment need (for work or training), or to care for a family member or friend. Seamless integration with Mutual Exchange schemes.

Another regional mobility scheme is the g15 London moves scheme developed by Home Connections for the 15 largest housing associations in London and the South East. This scheme initially focussed on workless housing tenants and encouraged a return to work via prioritising moves for people re-entering the labour force and was subsequently extended to under-occupiers.

  • Ability to rapidly setup regional mobility schemes – taking on average 8 to 10 weeks
  • Schemes can be reciprocal to guarantee that no landlord has more people move into their area than moves out. (A ‘triple lock’ ensures reciprocity both by number and size of units)
  • Prioritising under-occupiers dovetails with government policies to make better use of stock
  • Boroughs have maximum flexibility over which properties are contributed and, if these properties are not let through the scheme, there will be no obligation to re-advertise them
  • Every tenant who moves will need to have a clear rent account and no on-going anti-social behaviour issues

  • Ability to quickly setup regional mobility
  • Prioritising under-occupiers dovetails with government policies to make better use of stock
  • An automated and efficient approach to mobility
  • Automatic prioritisation of applicants
  • Administration costs are kept to a minimum

  • The speed with which schemes can be setup is a real bonus – on average a regional scheme is established within 8 to 12 weeks
  • Regional schemes do not affect existing arrangements with IT suppliers – they sit snugly on top with easy interfaces
  • Experimentation allows tweaking and changes to policy to obtain the optimum type of scheme


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