3D Visualisation for Consultation

Present 3-D plans for new and existing housing projects, neighbourhoods and public facilities. Show interested parties virtual representations of exterior and interior environments. Provide people with the means of visualising and understanding your plans in much greater detail.

Building Visions
Community Consultation
and Regeneration Brochure

Building Visions is part of the Home Connections brand family. Based on next generation software that has been designed for optimum accessibility by all. >However complex your project or ideas, high quality visualisations will bring it vividly to life and make it fly. Place virtual plans, models and developments on the internet or copy them onto a CD or DVD, giving your customers the freedom to visit your 24-hour showcase when it suits them. This is an in-house service with very competitive rates.

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals and 3D modellers have produced models and interactive tools for the following organisations:

  • Newlon Housing Trust (Key Worker shared ownership on the Arsenal Development). We created a tool for Newlon to sell and record their sales online.
  • Guinness Trust (Key Worker intermediate rent Naish Court)
  • Camden Capital works (Decent Homes Kitchen Selector Tool)
  • Homes for Islington (PFI Interactive Consultation model of 6 Acres Estate Finsbury Park)
  • Camden Housing Dept (Refurbishment of Levita House virtual model)

  • Virtual Reality Housing Estates for public consultatio
  • Digital Narrators and Talking Heads
  • Rich Media Websites for Registered Providers
  • Property Marketing Videos
  • Corporate DVD

  • Computer Generated Images (CGI)
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Video Production
  • Virtual Reality | Interactive 3D Virtual Worlds


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