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A little about us. We design and build online software solutions for local authorities and registered providers 

Home Connections is a software house and social enterprise. We provide ‘best of breed’ technology, SaaS, PaaS and consultancy to the public and private sector.

  • Home Connections is a growing company and has a solid base of local authorities, registered providers, social enterprises and private sector customers.
  • Our systems can be tailored to your requirements, making the perfect business fit for you and your customers

    The history of Home Connections is one of continuous innovation. We have been providing result driven solutions to companies and organisations since 2000. We work tirelessly to continually improve services that help your organisation to achieve more. We use the most appropriate technology and partners to make sure our clients can benefit from talent across the globe, so that you get well specified products with low risk and high return on investment (ROI).

    Our staff have backgrounds in IT, business analysis, project management and consultancy. We are steeped in the culture of housing need and we have staff from allocations, senior level operations, customer service, virtual reality design and digital media. As a team we have decades of experience, using robust project management skills to deliver sound technical solutions.

    Because we design systems around your customer needs – the end product is both logical and user friendly.  We provide services to support every aspect of the design, planning, regeneration, sale, lettings and options process for local authorities, registered providers and private developers and landlords.

    We have remained faithful to our vision of putting “the home seeker in the driving seat” by transforming the balance of power between the housing landlord and the home seeker in favour of the latter. We now have a multitude of features on our CBL portals that allow housing applicants to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of supply and demand for social housing to determine the most suitable housing option

    Constant evolution – In the past eight years we have processed over 10 million bids and our system continues to evolve each and every day. We form a partnership with our clients and work with them to provide the most effective and efficient solution for their needs.

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