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Pop Up Breakfast

Home Connections recently launched the first of its series of Pop-Up Breakfast Seminars. Dealing with burning issues, these short-notice briefings get leading figures from the sector to debate hot topics and how best to respond. The first was hosted on the 25th January 2011 at the Guildhall, City of London with a representative sample of senior figures and officers from across London boroughs, London Councils and g15 registered providers.

Overall Benefits Cap: ‘A Plague on all your Houses’

Phil Harris,

Deputy Director Community Housing Services at LB Haringey.

  • Will The Welfare Reform Bill incentivise parents to live separately?
  • What will The Welfare Reform Bill mean for homes and families?
  • Will a new approach be required to tackling rent arrears, housing allocations and the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults?

The Government’s Welfare Reform Bill has been described as the biggest reform of the welfare state since the wartime work of William Beveridge.

“A radical new welfare state where it always pays to work, where effort is always rewarded and where fraud can no longer hide behind complexity.”

Chancellor George Osborne,
Conservative Party Conference 2010

The government believes that the decision to set a limit on benefits accrued by households would appeal to British people’s sense of fairness and that the projected savings are worth “hundreds of millions of pounds”.

As it currently stands, the benefits cap will break up families, as it will provide a financial incentive to be apart. Under the plans as they stand, a couple with four children will see their benefits limited to £500 a week, but if the parents live separately, they will be able to claim up to £1,000.

Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader,
Liberal Democrats, 14th January 2012

Feedback from the event

I thought it was very professionally organised and managed. The presentation was excellent. Very easy to follow, hard hitting and just the right content and depth.

I was impressed with all aspects of this seminar. It was extremely professionally put together.

Impressive speaker. Slickly run – good venue, catering etc. Perfect length and kept to times.

Benefits for attendees

  • Heard detailed research findings from LB Haringey on the implications of these changes
  • Received a copy of the research will be handed out to all attendees at the event
  • Networked with senior managers and fellow professionals
  • Thought through the issues and how the changes will affect organisation and services
  • Space provided to think about financial inclusion and support options for tenants and customers

Who attended?

  • Housing directors and managers
  • Operations directors
  • Heads of tenancy support
  • Heads of tenancy enforcement
  • Income mangers
  • Welfare advisers and officers
  • Heads of financial inclusion
  • Heads of customer services
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