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Toby Young

The Customer: g15 Registered Providers
The Challenge: Shared mobility service
The Solution: g15 Londonmoves
The Results: Moves for work and training

Toby Lynch was on the housing transfer list for around four years, hoping to move from West Ham to west London, to be closer to his job and family.

In May he became the first resident to move for work on the g15 London moves scheme, moving from an East Thames home, to an A2 Dominion home in Harrow and Wealdstone.

Toby’s Story
“I’d been looking for a way to transfer home for years, to get back to west London where my family are based and to be closer to where I work. The transfer schemes I’d seen weren’t going to help me as I needed a home outside of my current borough and current landlord’s stock. I’d even looked into home swap schemes but couldn’t find anyone interested in a swap.
“I’m looking forward to enjoying a better quality of life, having more time to see my family and a much easier route to work.”
“g15 London moves is the ideal scheme for me as it allows me to make a move across London to the area where I work. This is going to make a huge difference to my life, as without the lengthy travel for work, I’ll be saving around £70 per week and gain an extra four hours a day.
“I’m even going to be closer to my mother who lives in west London- just one stop on the fast train from where my new home will be.

Notes to Editors

g15 Londonmoves scheme is a consortia partnership between Home Connections and the g15 London landlords.
The g15 comprises: A2 Dominion, Affinity Sutton, Amicus Horizon, Catalyst Housing Group, Circle Anglia, East Thames Group, Family Mosaic, Genesis, The Hyde Group, L&Q, Metropolitan Housing Partnership, Network Housing Group, Notting Hill Housing, Peabody and Southern Housing Group.
Together the g15 collectively houses one in ten Londoners and manages more than 500,000 homes in London. In 2009/10 the g15 made about 8,500 lettings across London. More than 70% of these lettings went to Londoners on local authority waiting lists.
The latest qualifying and eligibility criteria are listed below but are subject to refinement at this time.
To qualify for the pilot all applicants will need to meet the following:

  • Be an existing social tenant (g15) with either a secure or assured tenancy;
  • At the point of application have held their current tenancy for at least one year;
  • Have a reference from their landlord to confirm:
  • Good payment record;
  • No current or outstanding reports of anti-social behaviour about the tenant or member of household for last 12 months; and
  • Current home is being left in an acceptable condition with no damage.
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